Will Galaxy Nexus beat iPhone?

The newest Nexus product Galaxy Nexus got many positive reviews. Many people thinks this is the best Android smartphone they have seem. Unavoidable, there will be some comparison between Galaxy Nexus and iPhone.

Guy Kawasaki, former chief evangelist of Apple, got a Galaxy Nexus from his Google friend. After tried a few days, Guy Kawasaki decide to use the Galaxy Nexus as his main cell phone. On Google+, he shared his experience: Smokin’ fast, Trivially easy, G+ app works just great, Android version of a Google app will be better and earlier than the iOS version.

Tim O’reilly also shared his positive opinion on Google+: it’s big but incredibly light, ice-cream sandwich UI has so many enhancements, the camera is great.

Will other iPhone fans switch form iPhone to Galaxy Nexus? Based on the system experience, there are little differences between Android and iPhone. But it depends on whether you like Google services.

Perhaps there are some other problems.

Google send the iPhone lover MG Siegler a new Galaxy Nexus. In M.G Siegler’s review, he thinks

It’s important to emphasize the fact that the Galaxy Nexus is without a doubt the best phone I’ve ever used that’s not an iPhone. Both the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich are a new pinnacle of the Android platform.

But for daily usage, he don’t recommend Galaxy Nexus. He thinks the Galaxy Nexus has below problems: it is way too big, the Galaxy Nexus still feels rather cheap and plastic-y, the camera on the Galaxy Nexus is definitely worse than the iPhone 4S, etc.

But MG Siegler’s review get many critical feedback. The Verge editor, Joshua Topolsky, issued a post called Horseshit to refute MG’s opinion. Then MG respond with a post use the same title in his own blog:

Topolsky has decided to turn my thoughts on the Galaxy Nexus into full on class warfare between Android and iOS. That is, he twists my comparison of attention to detail into an argument about rich vs. poor people.  Google had one request of me for the Galaxy Nexus review: that I be honest. And I was. Immediately after I posted, I heard through the grapevine that they appreciated my honesty and actually agreed with many of my points.

Tech blogger Robert Scoble is neutral. He commented on MG Siegler’s post to show his agreement with MG’s opinion. But he also think  the Android  may get him and MG to give up iOS.