How to learn Guitar Chords? Easy Chord App for newbies

Previously, we may need to search chords on the internet and then print then for learning Guitar.  But now, we get the Chord app for Android to help us learning Guitar Chords quickly and easily.

This android app have two layouts: the horizontal and vertical layout. I think the horizontal version is easier for using. The free version has Chords, Scales and Tunings. It’s enough for newbies.

This app even developed a version for those people who are accustomed to use left hands.

Guitar newbies may use the C Chord as their first exercise. Except the basic chord, you can choose other alterations. Click the right bottom and you can enter the “Chord fingerings”. Click it and it will produce the sound. You can learn if you have made mistakes.

By the way, newbies must learn tune. You can learn it from Youtube. There are many people uploaded teaching videos. But now you can learn it by just click you cell phone.

The free version is good enough. But the paid version will offer more Scales which may be useless for guitar newbies. The Chord app will allow you remember chords anywhere by your Android cell phone. You can download it here: market//details?id=com.rabugentom.chordfree