How to download APK file from Google Play on PC

The Google Play ( former Android Market ) restricted users to download Apps only from their phone. But some Android phone don’t have Google Play client. So how to download android apps from google play? We can download apps on PC through a Google Chrome plugin.

First, add the “–ignore-certificate-errors” shortcut into Chorme. Then download the Chrome plugin APK Downloader ( make sure you use Chrome 17 or over).

Then input options after finished downloading:

Email and Password should be your Googla account name and password. Input any words in Android Device ID ( or download the Device ID app to get your device ID).  Then input the SIM Operator you want to fake.

After these steps, you can open the apps on Google Play. Then you will see an download icon on the right top. Click this icon and you will get the APK file on your PC.