Do you hate salesman selling products package? But the products package introduce in this article will change your mind. If you see a USE toaster hub with bread USB flash drivers sold in a package, you will never want to separate them. This “toaster hub” has 4 USB2.0 port. Correspondingly, there are 4 pieces of toasty USB […]

Though many people have choose cloud storage as their first choice and send email has become more and more popular in transfer documents, USB Drive still plays important role in today’s business. Except for those environment when network is not available, in some business situation, you may need to send documents by USB drive because you don’t […]

Many people have more than 1 mobile devices. The problem appears: not any devices uses the same USB connector. This means you may need to take more than 1 USB cable to make all your devices work. Is there any way we can make is easier? The AViiQ Quick Change Universal Dock Adapter USB Mini Cable will […]

Apple’s iPad can’t be charged over your computer? There is a solution now. As we know, iPad can just be charged when connected to Apple Mac. Parsimonious Apple restrict users charge iPad using other brand of computers. This strategy makes inconvenience. When we forget to bring the charger, you will be very worried about shutting […]