Lapka: iPhone Sensors Test Your Environment Quality

When the environment getting worse and food safety problems arise,  environmental monitoring devices becomes popular. However, most conventional  are big with rough black LED screen. Lapka is going to make the device more interesting. Their new Lapka series is such a product to change your mind.

The Lapka has a beautiful appearance. It is harmonious when placed with iPhone. The Lapka series uses white plastic and wood to build.

It has 4 independent modules. There are used for testing temperature & humidity,  electromagnetic frequency, organic and radioactivity.

Before you can use Lapka on iPhone, you need to install related apps. After installed it, you can connect the Lapka to your iPhone and run the Lapka app. Then it will show all the parameters on your iPhone screen.

Lapka will compare the tested date to a reference value. Then it will calculate the average value to alert you the abrupt change of the environment. Compared to other devices, the Lapka will offer visual result.

The development group said they will add blood glucose detection, blood pressure measuring  or other frequently-used functions. The Lapka will be shipped from December. Totally 4 sensor will be sold for $220.

This is another great product like Milkmaid to monitor your life quality. You can then purchase one if your are really care about the environment you are living in.