8 amazing iPhone/iPad accessory from KickStarter

The KickStarter is a funding platform for great projects. There are many good ideas from artists, designers, or so on. I’d like to introdce 8 great iPhone / iPad accessory ideas from KickStarter.

Hidden Radio & BlueTooth Speaker

This is a wireless speaker which uses bluetooth to get connected. It copied the idea of idler wheel on iPod. You just need to simply twist the cap to adjust volume.

Though it’s a mini speaker, the sound will amplify to over 80dB of crystal clear sound. This sound power is equal to a diesel engine. So you shouldn’t worry about the voice strength. Find it here Hidden Radio & BlueTooth .

Elevation Dock

Many people may felt undocking from their iPhone / iPad dock is difficult. But this dock is well designed for quick undocking and  it works with or without a case. Find Elevation Dock.

Quad Lock iPhone case + mount

1326370798636 (1)This quick lock allow you lock your iPhone to any smooth surface. You can use iphone as your GPS by lock it to instrument panel. Fine Quad Lock iPhone case + mount

lowrCASE stand / mount

1326370801970This is a combination of case and kickstand for iPad. It allow users to adjust angle when use it as a kickstand.  Find lowrCASE stand / mount


1The TidyTilt is a combination of iPhone case, earbud holder and kickstand. User need to adhere a metal frame to their iPhone before use this accessory. Hope you can try TidyTilt for iPhone out.

Strumbuddy Guitar iPhone stand

2This idea is to help amateur and professional musicians to easily utilize the many sheet music/guitar tab/lyric apps available. Put it on your guitar and you can see the music on your iPhone when users are playing guitar. Find Strumbuddy Magnetic Smartphone Holder

The Airclip

3The AirClip is a iPhone accessory help users to hold their iPhone steady when recording video or taking pictures.  This means no more “shaky” videos, or blurry iPhone pics! Just put your fingers into the clips.Find The AirClip for iPhone 4 & 4S.


The LunaTik Touch Pen is also a ball-point pen. You can use it write on tablet as well as on paper. There is a unique internal design. Find LunaTik .

There are many other great projects get funded on KickStarter. If you have great idea, try it.