How to Install iOS 6 3D Maps on iPhone4

The iOS 6 brings the new Apple 3D maps. But they don’t want to share this great function to iPhone4. However, we have got 3D maps hacked to install on iPone4. Now, let’s port New iOS 6 3D Maps to iPhone 4.

Firstly, you should update to iOS6. The Dev Team released iOS jailbreak developer version. Though you are not allowed to install Cydia on Jailbroken iOS6, users are allowed to install iPhone apps or plugins by SSH connection. We also uses the SSH connection to get the 3D maps for iPhone 4. Before you take actions, you should get the deb file from here.

Open SSH connection and input:

apt-get update

After updated, input:

apt-get install mobilesubstrate

Then get the downloaded FTP deb file by SHH and input following command:

dpkg-i putkfaylu / nazvaniefayla

Restart you iPhone 4.

They have packed the transfer tool 3DEnabler into this source. Sure you are allowed to choose the second solution to install 3DEnabler:

Create a file on you phone as following:

deb ./

Rename it to:


Load the file via FTP to:

/ Etc / apt / sources.list.d

Then open SSH and input following command:

apt-get update

Input following command after updated:

apt-get install com.alpden.3denabler

Then, the 3DEnabler should be installed to your iOS 6 iPhone 4.

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