Pix: yet another great camera app for the new iPad

We have seen many great camera app for iPad. When the new iPad get a more powerful camera, with 5 mega pixels resolution, we may need a brand new camera app to match its hardware performance. This means there will be many new iPad camera apps roll out in the future. I’d like to introduce the new free camera app Pix first.

Pix offer 30 filters, 24 film layers, 16 frames. It is similar to the Hipstamatic. These apps let you combine different picture effects to make a new picture.

The default page of Pix is very simple: only two icons. One icon is for photographing. The other is for selecting saved pictures from gallery.

I selected a fresh fruit plate for our example to add effects.  You will see a toolbar on the bottom. The left 3 button let you select effects. They are stand for the filters, film layers and frames

Pix allows users to apply no more than 3 effects on one picture. I added 2 features to the fruit plate. If you don’t satisfied with the effect, you can click the “recycle bin” on the left-bottom corner to eliminate all applied effects.  Or you can click effect names to delete it one by one.

There is a thunder icon place on the right. It will auto select effects to apply on your pictures.