Advanced Task Killer Pro Review

Advanced Task Killer is professional task manage software. It is also known as ATK. You can use Advanced Task Killer to close any third party apps.

As you know, there is no “close button”  in Android apps. Sometimes, when you return to the home page,  the app you are recently used didn’t shut down. They may run in the background. So these running apps will  occupy memory and makes your phone slow down.

Use the Advanced Task Killer you can kill these background-running apps and  clean memory. This operation will speed up your Android phone and extend your battery life.

There is a ignore list you can set in the ATK app. This list is for you to ignore some app you don’t want to kill. For example, you will lost network connection after you tap ‘kill selected apps’ sometimes when you added ‘voicemail’ into your kill list. Pull these tasks to the ignore list and it won’t be killed any more.

Advanced Task Killer Pro v1.9.7B77 Changelog:

Change auto kill to execute only when device is awake
Add an option to ignore service and front app for Android 2.2 and later version
Fix ‘Force stop/detail’ issue for Android 2.3
Check button to check issues of the phone

Download free Advanced Task Killer from Android market

Download free Advanced Task Killer Pro from here