solar technology

Going off the grid. It sounds so scary and rugged. And yet, improvements to solar cell efficiency, storage systems, and power monitoring are making stand-alone gridless solar systems look less like the ramblings of your paranoid neighbor and more like the next wave of the future, as solar technology continues to evolve at breakneck speed. […]

blackberry priv 4

BlackBerry has lost most market. After years struggling on it’s BlackBerry 10 OS, it is still a joke and never helped RIM. However, BlackBerry is far from dead. Recently released BlackBerry Priv has shocked the market. Actually, BlackBerry moved all BlackBerry 10 advantages to an Android phone. It has many amazing feature. Battery Endurance Almost every user will keep […]

spilled computer

When you spill something on your laptop, your first instinct is to grab a towel and wipe it off, but what do you do after that? Spilled beverages can do a lot of damage if they get in the wrong parts, and spills are often not covered by your warranty, but there are some things […]

There’s nothing we enjoy more than using our favourite gadgets and whether its work or play that drives you to your obsession, it’s evident that the latest smartphones with their highly developed features have one universal flaw… Diminishing power is a problem faced by many gadget lovers but with a few tips and tricks you […]

There are many news showing Google and Motorola will release the X Phone together in this year. The X-Phone is expected to unveiled on the Google I/O developer conference held May 15-17. You have learned some features about it, such as Android 5.0 system, wireless charging.   Recently, an American media has exposed more specs about X […]

While smart phones may offer their users a multitude of attractive features, they still have one big drawback: the battery life. Previously, it was common to recharge a standard cell phone once every two or three days. But with smart phones that constantly run several applications in the background and function more like small computers […]

The future of the technology and electronic industry seems to be moving in a greener direction, as more and more engineers and designers are starting to incorporate energy efficient and eco-friendly gadgets into their line of products. This article mentions a few of the most innovative green gadgets that were introduced on the market this […]

We have recommended 4 backup battery case to extend iPhone batter life. While it is a good idea, to low down power consumption should also be a candidate. ITGeeg will suggest you BatterySense to help you manage iPhone apps’ power consumption and extend iPhone battery life. The Battery Sense is developed by Philips. It’s a simple but […]

Most iPhone users watch video or listen to music on iPhone. But the battery life of iPhone can not reach our expectation. So our Geeg find 4 external battery case to extend battery life under most conditions. Mophie Juice Pack Plus Mophie is a iPhone backup battery case manufacturer. The Mophie Juice Pack Plus is also […]