How to Get the Very Best Out of Your Smartphone Battery

battery_drain-11344606_096c7d2a22eaaba58676cf07fcd60431There’s nothing we enjoy more than using our favourite gadgets and whether its work or play that drives you to your obsession, it’s evident that the latest smartphones with their highly developed features have one universal flaw… Diminishing power is a problem faced by many gadget lovers but with a few tips and tricks you can hang onto your battery life for longer…

Manage Your Apps

Nowadays there is an app for everything and with many being available to download for free, it’s all too easy for your phone to become cluttered. Don’t let your app addiction reduce your battery life, instead remove any unused apps for good to give your smartphone the best possible chance. You can also file away apps to make your Android or iPhone and its battery more efficient.

On the majority of smartphone models the drag and drop function can be used by tapping and holding the home screen, which then allows you to organise your apps into designated folders to save memory. It is recommended that you do not exceed 20 applications per folder. This handy tip can also be used to boost performance and conserve battery life on your iPad or Android powered tablet too.

Time Out

Adjusting your default settings can also ensure your battery lasts for the long haul during your morning commute or lunch hour. Adjusting features like the screen time out limit and brightness can dramatically improve how your smartphone consumes power and performs overall. Reduce the period of inactivity that your phone requires to enter sleep mode and lower the brightness of your screen to a level that you are comfortable with, this will make your device and its battery more proficient.

Avoid Auto-Sync

The auto-sync settings on your social media and email accounts can be a major killer for battery life, however, these can be easily adjusted. Visit the default settings of each app to ensure your auto-sync functions aren’t in operation unnecessarily. In addition to this, switch off any notifications, this can really put pressure on the day-to-day functioning of your smartphone. By limiting auto-sync and notifications, your smartphone won’t be endlessly checking for new updates and messages.

Setting your apps and social or email accounts to update using only WiFi is a great feature also and won’t put the strain on your handset or drain your battery.

Turn Off Your GPS

GPS and other location services also inhibit the performance of your handset’s battery and whilst this feature is available on the majority of apps, many users don’t make use of these. Turning off automated services and adding permissions to the running of GPS and location services can save battery life when you most need it.

Battery Life Extenders – Truth or Myth?

There are numerous apps out there that claim to extend your smartphone battery, however the running of these apps alone can actually drain your battery in the process! Instead focus on adjusting your smartphone to become a more efficient and better performing handset to save battery life in the long run.

This post was written by Brittany Thorley on behalf of Steatite Batteries UK. Brittany enjoys sharing the expertise she gains in her day job to improve how users everywhere maintain their favourite gadgets.