Secure Socket Layer: Optimising Website Security

SSL secureNever has the world been so dependent on the Internet. With information on everything and anything imaginable at the touch of a button, combined with fast and effective communication methods, we are becoming a generation concerned only with efficiency, reliability and, to a degree, website security.

As a business owner, it is essential to get onto the net and promote your online presence. With over 34 per cent of the entire population online, by successfully launching your business website, you are making your initiative available to a massive market, equating to almost 2,500 million individuals.

With such benefits does come the responsibility of ensuring that your business website security is at an optimum level. By investing in Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection, you are giving your credentials the peace of mind they need to browse your platform without worry.

SSL website security is a simple system developed to guarantee the security of trustworthy sites. Once a certificate has been purchased from a reputable Certificate Authority (such as Symantec), and embedded into your server, credentials can browse assured with the knowledge that your business is providing a safe and secure website.

But how does it work? And how will customers know? When a browser attempts to reach your website, the server will present your security certificate to authenticate your ownership. Once this has been confirmed, and trusted by the browser, the server and browser enter an encrypted and protected session.

SSL enhanced websites present notable differences to their users, specifically the change from http:// to https://, the recognised padlock address bar symbol, the VeriSign stamp on search engine results, and optionally, the green address bar. Depending on your business need there is a SSL package to suit your requirements, and enhance your online business prospects.