“Shaken, not stirred.”  Elaborate death machines.  Beautiful girls with bizarre names. These are just a few of the iconic images we associate with the James Bond film series. Besides these three, what everyone thinks of when they think of Bond is the wide variety of fancy gadgets he gets for each mission. The creativity of […]

The Micro Four Thirds camera system offers photographers and videographers many benefits over DSLRs and bridge cameras. The system, designed to take high quality pictures and keep the size of the camera and lenses small, contains camera options for people of all experience levels. The system, created by Panasonic and Olympus, features cameras that offer […]

As you report for college as a freshman, you need to have several essential electronic gadgets to make your stay for the duration of your study more comfortable. Ideally the gadgets that you are supposed to invest in are meant to help you succeed in your classes – either in notes-taking or working on your […]

Nowadays, thanks to advances in technology, we have gadgets with multiple applications – meaning that a mobile phone is no longer just a phone, but also a games console, music player and camera, amongst a host of other things. Indeed the availability of digital cameras in mobile phones has made these models amongst the most […]

Since the Instagram has been purchased by Facebook, some people may worry about their privacy’s security. You may want to find an alternative to Instagram. I’d like to introduce 4 great  Instagram alternatives.  PicPlz PicPlz is very similar to Instagram. It have rich filters. Surely, social network functions are also included. The PicPlz interface on iOS is […]

In 1994, Apple produced the first Consumer Grade digital camera: QuickTake. This 30W pixels & 1MB RAM camera became the first digital camera for many common people. There are more and more people using Apple products, like iPad, iPhone or Mac. This is because we like Apple’s design. The Apple design has become the trends. How […]

Sanwa, a Japanese company, released a mini USB camera “Mini Toy Camera”, whose  volume is  just 72x36x15mm. It weight 22g. This mini camera can take 1280 x 1024 pixel picture or 720 x 480, 30fps AVI videos. As the mini toy camera is very small, there are no LCD screen to preview pictures. All photos or videos will be […]