How to take great photos with a mobile phone camera

Nowadays, thanks to advances in technology, we have gadgets with multiple applications – meaning that a mobile phone is no longer just a phone, but also a games console, music player and camera, amongst a host of other things. Indeed the availability of digital cameras in mobile phones has made these models amongst the most popular ones on the market, suggesting that there are a lot of aspirant photographers out there. Sadly, in a lot of cases the photographs people take with their camera phones are less than stellar – as one look at a friend’s Facebook page will demonstrate – indicating that although the enthusiasm is there, most people do not really know enough to get the most out of their camera phones at the moment.

In fact, many of the ways in which you can improve the photographs you take with a mobile phone camera, would apply to any type of photograph with any type of camera. For example, lighting is hugely important with mobile camera shots, but it would be with photos you take with any other kind of camera as well. Ideally you will get the best results if you are able to shoot outside – on a day when there is plenty of natural light obviously – but if you are shooting indoors make sure you have lit the room as much as possible and check the white balance, to prevent your colours being negatively affected by the artificial lights.

You should also look to hold the camera phone as still as possible, as this will help to reduce the fuzziness of the eventual photograph. It is also best to bear in mind that ‘shutter lag’ (meaning the one second or so gap between you hitting the shutter and the picture taking), so hold the camera in position for a few seconds after you have taken the shot, just to be safe. Remember as well, that as long as you shoot in high resolution, you can always work on editing and touching up the pictures on your computer after they have been taken. If you feel as though the camera on your phones isn’t up to scratch visit to see if you can get an upgrade.