DIY Wi-Fi Amplifier with Beer Can

Have you ever bothered with bad Wi-Fi signal? Let’s teach you how to DIY a beer can Wi-Fi signal amplifier to solve this problem. Let’s go!

STEP1: Get a aluminum beer can and wash it.

Don’t tell me you don’t know how to get a beer can. Maybe you can find it in community dumpster. OK, it’s just a joke. I just mean getting a beer can is so easy for you.

STEP2: Remove suspension link

STEP3: Remove the bottom of beer can through the red line

STEP4: Cut through the red line but leave the white line.

STEP5: Cut opposite to the pieces of metal attaching the base.(As the red line shows)

STEP6: Stretch beer can. Attach the base to wireless routing.

Then your Wi-Fi signal amplifier is there!