Dell Inspiron 15 R Laptop: The Awesome, Media Laptop


Dell makes business-centric laptops, media-focused laptops, and even the everyday laptops. Further, few manufacturers provide the customization options that Dell provides. While each laptop – irrespective of the brand family – isn’t significantly different from the other, each upgrade does more, looks better, lasts longer, and performs better. That explains the range of products made for different kinds of users.

While the Dell Inspiron has been around for ages, we always get new upgrades that are worth talking about. The family of Inspiron laptops has evolved and we now have sleek, slim, and admittedly good-looking laptops. The new Dell inspiron 15 R 7520 is one such good looking and capable laptop that’s worth consideration.

It’s not a deal breaker; it won’t make heads turn; and it’s certainly not easy to lug this laptop around like you might lug a chrome book or a MacBook Air. Yet, it’s a humble performance with superlative stats. We think that it’s worth considering. Here’s why:

Under the hood

The 15.6-inch laptop is not something you’d tuck into your handbag. It’s something that you keep at home or maybe at office. It’s not too stylish but it’s certainly a decent looking machine. It comes with 4 USB 3.0 ports, a full HD Screen, and a rock solid performance. You can thank the monstrous i7 processor with 8 GB RAM and a 1 TB hard drive – now those specs are desirous and would make any power craving computer user swoon all over it. In tests that PC World conducted, the machine turned out to be 37% faster than another i5 model with a similar 8 GB RAM.


The Dell Inspiron 15R 7520 weighs at about 7.2 pounds provided you stripped it off all the accessories. So it won’t win any awards being light. It’s a 15.6-inch diagonal, which gives it an aura of bulk that you might not want to carry around too much. The laptop overall is a solid plastic with metal accents and a silver plastic border.

The keyboard is matte-style with island-style keys. The keys could be a little stiff, so you’d need to get used to it. However, the keyboard is backlit (which is a welcome addition). The track pad has two dedicated mouse buttons and is fairly easy to use.

The touchpad is recessed while the keyboard deck is done up in a textured finish.

Dell 15 R 7520 has plenty of ports – 4 USB 3 ports in total, an Ethernet port, a VGA-out, and an HDMI-out port. Of course, the microphone and headphone jacks kick into the line too. You also have a 7-in-1-card reader, WiDi capabilities, WiFi, Bluetooth radio, Blue-ray/DVD combo drive.

The 1 TB 5,400rpm drive is more than enough to contain all the media you ever wanted. Of course, since it’s a Dell, you’d also get the usual bells and whistles such as Dell Stage Media Software, Dell Datasafe backup, Dell Webcam, and Skype.

The Screen

What we get with the Dell 15 R 7520 is a huge 1080p screen on the 15.6 diagonal. In one word, it’s awesome to look at. It can display full HD content. The screen is also glare-resistant and non-reflective.

Dell 15 R’s screen has matte LED; color fidelity; beautiful contrast; with sharp, crisp, and clear display. For once, here’s a screen that’s so bright and sharp that you could use it outdoors and still be able to work normally. The video and audio output is certainly great. You may add more accessories and enhance it if you like. With the blue ray drive and with a screen like this, you’d have your fill of entertainment to your heart’s content.


The Verdict

The Dell 15 R 7520 is a media laptop and the best place for a laptop like that is somewhere in the confines of your home. It’s huge, bulky, and the battery obviously isn’t a deal breaker. For what you lose here, however, you’d gain from the rock solid Core i7 performance, switchable graphics, a decent backlit matte-finish keyboard, and the fact that the laptop comes fully loaded complete with a 1080 HD screen and a Blue-ray/DVD combo drive.

The laptop digs at your wallet since it’s a little over $1000 but for the media junkie or the laptop addict, it might just be well worth it. While the laptop isn’t as good as the Lenovo’s Yoga, it’s still a great buy for those who swear by other things Dell provides such as continuous global support.

With the Windows 8 Installed, the tiled look along with scores of apps (about 40,000 apps on Windows Metro, and virtually thousands of apps off Android) should make sure that your laptop experience remains more than just positive.

What’s your take on the Dell 15 R 7520? Have you used it? Do you recommend it to our users? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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Jeff Davis is living in California and currently working as an Information Technology Professional.  He has been into this field since last 6 years and responsible for troubleshoot issues; interact to discuss projects, technology solutions. Apart from his professional career Paul also spend time with his kid. Sadly few days before his kid spilt a glass of water on his laptop and he was looking where to sell laptop, and finally he got cash for his old laptop.