InstallFree Nexus Review: New Service Far from Perfect

More and more mobile devices let many people to work without desk computer or notebook. However, some software can not run on mobile platform. For this reason, it causes problem when users switching between desk devices and mobile devices. Can we get a solution to solve this problem?

The cloud-based InstallFree is trying to solve this problem. This company released a full browser based Office tool: Nexus. With the help of the InstallFree Nexus, uses can uses Mirosoft Office on different platforms. This is  much like the CloudOn, which is also an app to let you use Office on iPad.

Since the Nexus is running on cloud, you don’t need to “install” it. This app can run in Safari or Chrome on iPad. You just need an email and set your password to register a new account. It also let you login with Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive or account. This means the InstallFree Nexus support all these cloud storage services.

After login, InstallFree Nexus will import all files which can be edited by Office. The left side will show you the file list. The right area will give you a preview of the document. It offered email sharing, delete or rename button on the top. Click the “Open In Word” button on the right top and the Nexus will bring you to the Word edit environment. Any modify will be saved to your original source.

Install Free Nexus made optimization for iPad or other touch screen devices. It support Assistive Touch. But an keyboard connected to iPad with Bluetooth will improve your working efficiency.

But in the edit environment, the same layout on iPad as it on an desktop computer makes this app a little incovenient. For example, the Ribbon button is too small. Keyboard will take most screen area while the content only take a small part. Another shortage is that the InstallFree Nexus don’t support off-line edit, which make you need save your file frequently by yourself.

As a new service to offer Microsoft Office to iPad, the InstallFree Nexus is still not very stable. For example, this app often broken when your editing Word.

InstallFree Nexus is now offering 60 days free trial. Their service will allow you to use Office 2010 package. After 60 days trial, you need to pay $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Go to