Microsoft Developed Software to Transfer Android App to Windows Phone

With strong technology support, Windows Phone, developed by Microsoft, is regarded as the most promising mobile system besides Apple iOS and Google Android. But, in the competitive market, rich third-party applications plays the significant role.

Since the release on October last year, Windows Phone 7’s app store, so called Windows Marketplace, has seen a rapid growth. Microsoft investmented much into pushing the development. In April, Microsoft release a serious tools to support transfering iOS Apps to Windows Phone platform. But it seems Microsoft have a more aggressive goal. They released a similar tool, which can let developers transfer Apps from Android to Windows Phone, recently.

Android to Windows Phone API Mapping Package includes tools to map Android API to Windows Phone. They also published a 90 pages Guide for Android Application Developers. However, this guide is just a guide for those who are familiar with software development. If your are not so skilled on coding, this book is not a good idea for learning developing Windows Phone apps.

“Microsoft will try hard to mapping as much API from iOS and Android as the can. However, it won’t includes any API.” technique professor JC Cimetiere, from Microsoft, said in his blog.

From this, we can see Microsoft’s ambition. In order to seize more app developers, they may invest big money as likes they are crazy.

Download Android to Windows Phone API Mapping Tool

Download Windows Phone 7 Guide for Android Application Developers