5 Reasons Why Not Buy iPad Mini

The iPad is really a revolutionary product and changed the world a lot. However, since Steve has left Apple, we see the new iPad mini without much exciting. Newcomers to the iPad will not be impressed by this product, and existing iPad owners will be underwhelmed.  There are at least 5 reason you should not buy iPad mini.


The iPad mini inherit Apple’s style. This make it an outstanding pad between mini pad. But the resolution is not good enough for such a product. Apple didn’t use retina screen on it. So  the resolution couldn’t beat other competitors like Google Nexus 7 or others. Since Apple is slowly applying retina to all its products, the iPad mini makes many people disappointed when regarding resolution.


Regarding to price, we had seen many rumors said the iPad mini will start from $299. The $329 make us some disappointed. In the mini pad market, we have seen Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire are selling at really low price. The iPad mini is much expensive. So the Nexus 7 beat iPad both on resolution and price.

iPad 4

Apple never release 2 generation in one year before. But the iPad4 has broken this rule. Though I don’t think iPad can affect your decision to buy a more portable product, the Apple’s new product releasing schedule has been changed. You don’t know when will they publish the new iPad mini. Maybe only 6 month later you will see the iPad mini upgraded. I think you don’t wanna see such a result.


Even you can ignore the appearance, you won’t accept poor CPU performance.  The iPad mini uses A5 CPU in order to save cost. This is a dual core CPU. While Nexus 7 uses Tegra 3 Quad core CPU, the A5 seems not worth mentioning.

Windows 8 RT

Even iPad is the ancestor of tablet, we have seen many tablet product after years. The Android pad many not beat iPad, but they have also taken over some market. Now Window 8 also joined this competition. The Windows Surface is also a great product. As Microsoft also released its product on October, some user may turn to Surface.