Nyko released PlayPad controller kit for tablet gaming

Nyko is a famous gaming accessaries manufacture. They make gaming controller for Xox, Wii and PS Vita.  The Nvidia is a great GPU manufacture. Them seems has no business with each other. However, the Tegra 3 and tablet gaming connected these two companies.

Nyko and Nvidia announced that they will develop a new production line for Android gaming controller. This action is to promote the Tegra 3 optimized tablet game. As the tablet PC becomes more and more popular, many accessaries manufactures are all devote into design new virtual accessaries for tablet games.


Following are some gaming controller from Nyko:

• Playpad Pro — Nyko’s full size game controller. It can provide a full game

• Playpad — A small size game controller. It also have a tablet bracket and protection case.

• Console — A customized gaming controller. Suitable for shooting games or other complex games.

All their game controller don’t need root for connecting tablet. They can connect with Tablet with Bluetooth.

If your Android tablet is not run on Tegra 3 platform, Nyko also provide solution. They released a Playground app to let you use it. Nyko has not announced which games will be supported.

The Nyko controllers are slated to be available this fall. Pricing details are still unknown.