The Biggest iPhone4 iTableous with 40″ Screen

The trends of iPhone is to be thinner and lighter. However, there are also some exception. This post will show you a world’s biggest iPhone with a 40″ led screen. The owner of this big iPhone is Benjamin Bachmeier, a crazy German who want to make iPhone bigger. This new iPhone is also contained in a white iPhone4 shell.

Bachmeier call this huge iPhone iTableous. It can runs Mac OS X and Windows in a dual boot mode.

It got a 40 inch 1920 x 1080 full HD LED backlit display. Unfortunately it does not have a touch screen which is often seen on a Apple product. It is a PC turned into a big white iPhone 4 and is operated by a mouse and a keyboard. This whole thing is made from a PC which relies on hackint0sh to dual boot Mac OS X and windows.

The only shortage is that this huge iPhone4 can’t find a suitable case in the market.

See more details atĀ Benjamin Bachmeier’sĀ iTableous Project page.