How to replace a Laptop Screen

Replacing  laptop screen> can be costly if your laptop has expired for the warranty period. But by replacing it yourself, you can save a bundle. With little more than a screwdriver, you can replace the screen yourself. This article will tell you how to remove the broken screen and install a new screen.

Before you take actions, please make sure you have turned of the computer and unplug the power cord from the wall and remove the battery.


0174-Removing-bezelRemove The LCD cover panel by removing the rubber plugs that cover the screws lining the outside of the LCD screen. Then remove the screws carefully with the required tool. At the bottom center of the LCD screen, carefully work your fingers between the bezel and the screen, and gently pull the bezel.


0176REMOV1Carefully remove any tape, then carefully unplug the connector from the back of the LCD. Only remove what you need to in order to get the LCD screen out.  Take out the four or six recessed screws along the sides of the LCD. Then you can remove the broken screen.


Compare the new replacement display to the old one by the make and model.  Installing the new LCD is simply a matter of reversing the process: Screw the new LCD into the metal frame, then connect the video cable and inverter.

Reinstate the cover the way you took it off, you should reinsert the battery  into your laptop, plug in the power and turn it on to see if the screen works fine. After confirmed it, you can install the cover and enjoy your new laptop screen.