Cell Phone Facts You Did Not Know Of

Do you have a cell phone? Do you sue it properly or do you just use it for its extra features like a good camera, a laptop, a media player and so on. Many of us do not use a cell phone for calling and texting, but for its other features and show off that, we have a specific brand cell phone.

For example, if I would see many people with an iPhone, I would say either they do not know of its full functionality, or they do not know that it is still a cell phone for calling and texting. Apart from that, some people buy iPhone based on finding a good and dynamically created iPhone 4 cover.

Accessory buying

Accessories like the covers, cases and other types are very famous. People first see which cell phone has the best accessories and how dynamically they are structured. After that, only they will buy the cell phone they do not see their needs and requirements.

Not only this, but a snow this is the era of smart phones, people look towards the apps and the free software coming in with the smart phones and only after that they will buy a good cell phone. After all a cell phone’s basic function is to call and text but still, they would buy the cell phones for the extra features.

If you are a regular cell phone user, then you should know of the following facts about the cell phones all around the world:

Facts about cell phones

  1. A 100 million cell phones all around the world go obsolete due to non functioning every year.
  2. In the year 2007, the recycling rate for the gadgets like the cell phones and the ordinary communicators like pagers etc was 10 percent only.
  3. 18 months is what the average life time span is for a cell phone.
  4. One American citizen may have 2-3 cell phones at the least.
  5. On the average, the whole world has 6 billion people living on the planet. There are 3.3 billion cell phones in the world owned by people. This means 2 on an average cell phones are owned by one person.
  6. Almost 75% of unused cell phones are saved up by users in their table drawers, with their batteries and chargers.
  7. Cell phones are made with the lead coatings.
  8. The cell phones have lithium-ion batteries, which are known commonly to explode while under high temperature or sunlight.
  9. Many cell phones are usually donated to the orphan houses and to people who are disabled as every phone has the facility of calling 911 at anytime with just one click.
  10. Cell phone chargers are recycled with the cell phones, but now there are rumors that a universal charger will be created for any kind of a cell phone.
  11. Around 25k recyclable cell phones are collected by the world’s largest cell phone recycler, ReCellular. The sites from which they collect are around 40000 every year.