Review: Techinline Remote Desktop

In today’s extremely fast-paced IT environment, technical support personnel are often called upon to immediately resolve technical issues that may arise for a client based anywhere in the world. Luckily, today’s technology has made this task possible with applications such as Techinline Remote Desktop.

Techinline is a web-based remote support service that allows users to connect to remote computers with only an internet connection and web-browser. This implies that the customer is not required to install any software or configure any network settings in order to grant full access of their machine to the technician.

Browser-Based Connection Process

Techinline’s connection process is entirely browser-based and consists of the following simple steps:

1) Techinline Expert (account holder) logs into their Techinline account at

2) Techinline Client (remote user seeking technical assistance) launches, where a randomly generated 6-digit Client ID number is displayed

3) Expert enters this number into their Techinline account and presses the “Connect” button to establish a remote connection with the Client

At this point, the technician is able to view the client’s desktop and work on their machine as if they’re sitting right in front of it.

Key Features

Apart from being able to take control of the remote desktop, the technician is granted a number of other features that may be called upon during a remote session. Some key features offered by Techinline are:

File Sharing: files can be exchanged between the client and tech

MultiMonitor Support: tech is able to view and control all monitors connected to the client’s machine

AutoReboot: the remote session is automatically restored following a reboot of the client’s machine

Instant Chat: tech and client are able to exchange text messages during the session


Surprisingly, Techinline’s pricing options are very reasonable and therefore should accommodate a business of any size. Techinline’s annual subscription is priced at $300, whereas a competing product, LogMeIn Rescue, will cost nearly $1200 for the year. As one can tell, the cost savings are quite substantial.

In addition to the subscription license, Techinline also offers a neat “pay as you go” Per-Session plan which is specifically designed for sporadic or even personal use. This alternative option enables a user to purchase a specific number of sessions which may be used whenever the need for a remote connection arises. This implies that a user is able to avoid paying a recurring subscription fee while retaining full, on-demand access to the Techinline service. Sessions range in price from $2.40 to $4/per session depending on the purchased bundle.


The remote support software market has grown over the recent years to offer a wide range of tools that vary in price, performance, and functionality. This has enabled IT professionals to select an appropriate solution based on their individual requirements and budget.

Although Techinline’s feature-set is not as advanced as that of LogMeIn Rescue or GoToAssist, it is still more than enough for an average user to provide an effective scope of support services to any user. The absence of software installation in Techinline’s connection process also implies that a client is not required to follow complex instructions upon obtaining support. This is a major advantage when it comes to supporting computer-illiterate users.

Furthermore, out of the commercial-use products available on the market, Techinline seems to be very flexibly and reasonably priced. As a result, it should be looked at as a very capable solution for small and large businesses alike.