Remote Desktop Software

Remote desktop software are quickly gaining in popularity as their use is becoming more and more accessible to the average computer user. Things like accessing files when you are away on business or vacation are clearly becoming more important. Remote desktop software also allows you to work from home in many instances. The ease with […]

LogMeIn Ignition

Controlling your PC remotely from your Android smartphone is useful when you need to finish your work on you mobile devices.  It proves impractical in everyday use. I’ve tested many remote desktop software to find one which can meet my requirements but cost less.  Remote desktop control, while not something I use every day, has become an important part […]

Splashtop Remote Desktop allows user to control contents or apps on PC from mobile devices. You can uses your Android tablet or phone to watch films on PC or edit Office documents. First, download and install Splashtop Remote Desktop on your mobile devices. You need also install a client software on your PC. After installed Streamer on your […]

In today’s extremely fast-paced IT environment, technical support personnel are often called upon to immediately resolve technical issues that may arise for a client based anywhere in the world. Luckily, today’s technology has made this task possible with applications such as Techinline Remote Desktop. Techinline is a web-based remote support service that allows users to […]