How to build iPhone app with free AppMakr service

AppMakr provides free services to build custom native iPhone apps online.  They have just raised $1 Million investment. Since founded in the start of this year, AppMakr have developed more than 3000 apps, which take over 1% all apps in Apple app store.  So, how to use AppMakr to build a custom iPhone app for your business?

1. Register a new account on AppMakr and

2. Go to Dashboard and edit Your Applications

3. Build your iPhone application step by step

The picture below is a preview of ITGeeg on iPhone

As Apple put a more strict requirement on app quality, some simple apps, like RSS feed, will not approved by Apple. AppMakr also developed “App Quality Index” to help you meet Apple’s requirement. It will analyze the likelihood that it will be rejected by the App Store review team based on the thousands of AppMakr apps that have been submitted in the past. However, if you are still want to spread your business news to Apple fans, you have some other choices.