Getting Your Students Interested in Science

Engineering_20toolsDo you lose your third-grade class during photosynthesis? Do eyes glaze over in the middle of AP chemistry? Don’t fret: There’s still hope for the next generation of America. The solution to scientific apathy is to give them a dose of the real thing through real-life scientists and engineers.

Inviting Curiosity

By enlisting actual experts to come and speak at your school, you’re opening the floor for kids to ask all kinds of questions that their worksheets don’t cover. You’re also allowing them to live and breathe the answers in a way that textbooks simply can’t match. “What makes a rainbow?” isn’t just a cut-and-dry paragraph, it’s a lively explanation of the color spectrum by a physicist who can use his glasses to make a point.

Creation and Development

Engineering and entrepreneurship are cut from the same cloth, which is one of the reasons it’s so important to get kids inventing and designing with their own two hands. Science fairs, however, can only do so much. Greater successes are enjoyed through demonstrations and exhibits, especially if they mark a break from “regular” classes through a special guest lecture. The students will be energized by the presence of someone new; the guest will enjoy an interested and engaged audience; you’ll reap the benefits of shared knowledge come exam time. Everybody wins!

Hope For Tomorrow

If you’re serious about getting your students interested in science, consider inviting a guest or group to come and speak in your classroom. You can find out more about these services by clicking here.