As finance professionals, it is imperative to remain connected to current stock levels and financial data at all times. Smartphones have paved the way in creating efficiencies in the financial industry. Several apps have been created to make the lives of financial professionals significantly more productive, and therefore, more prosperous. These top five financial apps […]

Why so many people buy Android if the iPhone is a perfect choice? Some of you may think the price will play the major role in this phenomenon. But many Android flagship is not so cheap when compared to iPhone, while they also have good market performance. One of a good example is Samsung Galaxy […]

Mobile monitoring software applications have become popular. They give users the ability to look into a person’s life by scrutinizing their mobile activities closely and minutely. Some people are reluctant to turn to mobile monitoring apps though, simply because they think the installation is a complex and incomprehensible process. The fact however is that professionally […]

Before the NFC become the standard configuration for mobile payment, it is more likely that mobile accessaries become the biggest user of NFC tech. This technology helps user simplify the serching and matching process which Wi-Fi or Bluetooth have. Nokia has revealed a series of NFC-Bluetooth headset or loudspeaker box. Moto also released their NFC bluetooth headset. Now […]

A lot of Dual-SIM Android phones are being released from the brands such as LG, Samsung and HTC. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos  has gained significant attention off late and seem to be leading the market in the dual sim segment. However there is another promising phone from LG that has been around a while and […]

8.) Apple Airport Express The Apple AirPort Express is an older Apple product that is still very effective as a mobile router. It immediately converts a hotel’s WiFi into a wireless signal, so there’s no need to run long Ethernet cables to your laptop while traveling. In addition, the AirPort series allows extra features like the ability […]

Last week, several news stories came out that revealed the preferences that mobile app developers feel when it comes to two of the biggest operating systems for mobile devices: iOS and Google’s Android. While popularity and competition between the two giants are widely known and discussed as far as consumer preferences are concerned, developers got […]

As mobile technology breaks new barriers every day, every hour, even every minute, a keen, palpitating anticipation persistently prevails in the hearts of consumers and enthusiasts alike. With anticipation, naturally, comes dreaming, and that is where the most wondrous of ideas take root, often blooming into concept models. Some of these are certain future releases, […]

Goolge’s new tables Nexus 7 has great hardware specification & low price. With powerful Nvidia Tegra quad core CPU & 7″ 1280 x 800 IPS display, Nexus 7 surprised most people for only $199. However, any products has is shortcomings. We have see some problems of the new Google Nexus 7 tablet.   Nexus 7 has […]

Under some certain conditions, you may need to reset your Android phones. By restore the phone to factory mode, all your data, customized settings and any applications you’ve downloaded and installed will be deleted.  So this is also a quick way to drop all your files from you Android phone. NOTE: Make sure you have back […]