Sina technology learned from the CCC certification platform, 3G version of Apple iPad 2 has passed China’s 3C certification, certificate number is 2011010902473497, the issuing date is May 16. The certificated iPad 2 model is A1396, certification cover model A1357 adapter.¬†Applicants and manufacturers is U.S. Apple, certification date is May 16, 2011, the certificate deadline […]

According to a bulletin from Trademark Office of The State Administration For Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, Hanwang Technology has won the ownership of trademark ‘TouchPad’ in China for 10 years. Anonymity manufacturer has demur on this result. Information from the Trademark Office shows that Hanwang’s applying for trademark ‘TouchPad&

On I/O developer annual meeting, Google’s vice-president of Chrome department, Sundar Pichai, announced that google will put two chrome OS notebook on sale at 15,June. This new notebook is called ‘Chromebook’. Samsung and Accer produce these two notebooks. Both of them will use Intel Atom dual core CPU. Power supply can support 8.5 hours and […]

According to Nielsen’s report on April, Apple iPad still shares 82% U.S. tablet PC market. Within this data, 3G version shares 43% and iPad with wireless shares 39%. Followed are Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak and Motorola Xoom.Their market shares are 4%, 3% and 2% which are far from Apple iPad’s. The report shows another […]

Android is the fastest growing mobile platform. There is a Android Market which has been¬† modelled after the very popular Apple iPhone AppStore. It’s easy to install android applications on your google android devices from here. There are many solutions about installing android software directly from android devices or from computer. However, there are some […]

iPhone with contract has became the primary data flow and customer contributor. However, with the boosting, dispute on it’s cost also increased. Recently, Ms. Si account China Unicom because of its no remind of exceed on data flow. Under the intermediation from China MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), China Unicom agree to pay […]