We always see many people take photos to capture lecture keynote. However, the most important content from a presentation are always the description from presenter. Most PPT only contains the keywords but explanation for this keywords are always hold by presenters. Thus, we, most time, don’t willing to open PPT from a meeting as we can […]

In the Frontiers In article “The Virtual Brain: 30 years of Videogame Play and Cognitive Abilities”, researcher A.J. Latham reviews thirty years worth of video game research. Based on the findings of over fifty different studies, Latham asserts that video games boost a huge array of cognitive functions. Able to improve hand-eye coordination, spatial visualization, […]

Smartphones is not only a cell phone now but also plays more roles in our daily life. For many people, the smartphone has become their game player. Most people are playing games on their small screen. Like all games from http://www.casinodino.com, you can only play on your smartphone. For those people who are not willing […]

The famous Mac app website MacUpdate recently released its big spring deal. This deal includes 10 awesome apps and only sell for $49.99. Users save $568. This maybe your best time to get all fabulous apps in such a great price. This app bundle includes the famous virtual machine Parallels Desktop 8, the professional information manager DevonThink Pro  […]

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Galaxy S3 hit the market last year and has shown a tremendous sales record. It is easy to use and you can find some amazing applications from the Android store. The processer used in this Smartphone gives very high performance and it supports high graphics games and applications. Here are some top applications of 2013 […]

Samsung’s Galaxy S line of devices is already the most popular smartphone series in the world. The Galaxy S III is the most popular Android phone of the year. However, Samsung never stop their new handset development. Rumors has show Samsung is going to release Galaxy S IV next year. We have got some news from […]

EX Player HD is a pretty great iPad app by Zhigang Chen, which is easy to navigate streams, well supported most audio/video formats from your NAS server/Windows sharing file server/FTP server/UPnP(DLNA)Media server/WebDAV server/CloudMe. How It Works: Comparing to other video players this app has advanced technology of sharing or transferring the files from any kind […]

The blogosphere moves fast, and it can sometimes be a struggle to keep up. The internet doesn’t stop, and sometimes even taking time off for a family vacation can cost thousands of visitors. To keep up with the fast pace, many bloggers are turning to mobile blogging applications to stay up to date with their […]

Partly Cloudy is a weather forecast app for iPhone. It is brought by Raureif GmbH from Germany.  The app can run on  iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Partly Cloudy can tell you the weather for the next week. It also provides information about temperature, wind power, amount of precipitation, minimum temperature or maximum temperature. Users can add cities to get […]

As finance professionals, it is imperative to remain connected to current stock levels and financial data at all times. Smartphones have paved the way in creating efficiencies in the financial industry. Several apps have been created to make the lives of financial professionals significantly more productive, and therefore, more prosperous. These top five financial apps […]