More and more mobile devices let many people to work without desk computer or notebook. However, some software can not run on mobile platform. For this reason, it causes problem when users switching between desk devices and mobile devices. Can we get a solution to solve this problem? The cloud-based InstallFree is trying to solve […]

Although most of us don’t use our Blackberry phones for purposes other than purely professional, there are wonderful games in the Blackberry world that lets you unwind. Just because we hardly ever play games on our Blackberry smartphone doesn’t mean there is a dearth of interesting games in the Blackberry App world. Though Blackberry is […]

Even the most experienced photographer armed with the best in hi-tech cameras finds it difficult to take the perfect picture with just a single push of the button.  Professional photographers rely heavily on editing and filtering software and equipment to enhance the quality of their pictures.  Therefore it makes sense that amateur cell phone photographers […]

The iPad has proved itself to be a good business tool. With rich apps and accessaries developed for business, the iPad can helps entrepreneur do most of their day-to-day business tasks and make the process a bit more fun.  Now, I’d like to talk about the NCR Silver for business. NCR is not only a […]

The stock market is an ever-changing thing, so it can be tough to always be on top of the latest news. But, like every other technology out there, there is a constant stream of new smartphone applications that are built for that very reason. Better yet, these phone apps can do more than just track […]

Many Android users should have know the Any.Do. It is a great app help you getting thing done. Even many iOS users want to try this app. Now, the And.Do release an iOS version. Let’s have a look at this great app on iPhone. The default interface is very fresh. White blue gray color matching with […]

It is good thing that you can work from home. Thanks to iPad and other mobile devices, you are even allowed to work from anywhere with 3G network. You don’t have to be at your desk or even be at a desk at all. You don’t have to work when the office is open. Whatever jobs […]

Since the last update of Absinthe, you are allowed to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1. But why should you jailbreak your iOS devices? What apps do you need after jailbroken? There are many great apps on Cydia. Here I’d like to recommend 9 Cydia apps you must download after jailbreak. Springotomize 2 – $2.99 Springotomize 2 provide rich functions. […]

Trust is a very important aspect of a relation. Once you lose trust in your spouse you cease to have respect for your partner. Infidelity is one of the major reasons of break ups in relationships according to research. Sometimes you are uncertain about your partner cheating on you in your absence, doing illegal activities […]

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CloudOn is such an iPad app that let users edit Microsoft Office documents on iPad.  Compared to Onlive Desktop, the CloudOn don’t offer a Windows desktop.  It just provide the function to let users run MS Office software. Since the iOS differ from Windows, it don’t have a file management function.  How to create, edit or save your […]